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Glockenspiel.jpg is a website dedicated to you students of languages who want to "jumpstart" the learning of the second language in a language family based on what you already know about the first language.

For example, millions of English-speaking Americans also speak some level of Spanish, hundreds of thousands of English-speaking Canadians also speak some level of French, and millions of Europeans speak another language beyond their mother tongue.

If you already know some Spanish and want to learn some Italian, would it not be a great help to learn how Spanish is related to Italian and how both languages evolved from their mother tongue, Latin?

Yet, in almost all language acquisition courses available today, you are expected to learn the language in vacuo, that is, in isolation from other languages that you might already know that are related. seeks to fill this niche of language acquisition, by giving those who are interested in how languages are related to each other a place to discuss and learn how to use what they already know!