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BillWithCapital.jpg is the brainchild of William J. 'Bill' McCalpin, an "amateur" philologist in the original sense of the word - someone who loves the relationships of words and languages.

For many years, Bill had searched for reference materials that would appeal to his adult sense of learning a language, particularly how knowing one language in a family of languages could help him learn a second language in that family. However, since every language is taught in vacuo, that is, totally on its own, there are very few such materials. For the most part, he had to rely on formal academic publications on the subject, which were obtuse, to say the least.

However, the Internet is making it possible to share the concept of "jumpstarting a second langauge" in a language family. Because of the Internet, people who want to know how languages such as French, Italian, and Spanish are related - with an eye to using their already acquired knowledge in one of those languages to learn a second one - now have a common forum to discuss these relationships as well as help build a knowledge base for new students.

Therefore, welcome to, the website that helps you to jumpstart your second *** language, whether the "***" is "Romance" or "Germanic" or "Slavic" or whatever. Use what you already know to learn more!