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The Second-Language Documentation Project is the vehicle by which members of Second-Language will collect and share what they know about the relationships of one language in a family to another. In the Project, people who are registered members will be able to update the wiki pages, to add what they know about the relationship of letters, words, forms, grammar, etc., from one specific language to another.

For example, the initial "ll-" spelling in Spanish is related to an initial "pi-" in Italian, and both were derived from "pl-" in Latin. Examples would be "llueve"(Sp), "piove"(It), "pluvium"(La) or "lleno"(Sp), "pieno"(It), "plenus"(La).

The purpose of this Project is to enable adult learners of a new language to apply rules in adapting one language in a family to another. Someone who speaks Spanish might be quite confused when he/she sees a word in Italian that begins with "pi-", as this is not a similar spelling at all to Spanish. However, a little mental translation of "pi-" to "ll-" yields "lleno" from "pieno", and now the Spanish speaker easily recognizes the word. In the case of "piove", the Spanish speaker would have to apply two rules: "pi-" to "ll-" and "o" to to "ue"...and, sure enough, "piove" becomes the recognizable "llueve".

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